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Nova - Pescanova


A fake documentary.

In Spain over 86% of people believe in fake news, so, when Pescanova (the most famous fish brand in Spain) wanted to announce the launch of a new product, we came with the idea of making a fake documentary about a weird shrimp behavior and an even weirder technique to capture them.



As people take as the truth anything that appears on their Facebook timeline, could it be possible for them to believe this?

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At the end of the documentary, people were able to choose between two options: "I believe it" or "I don´t believe it". If they chose to believe, they saw a new aspect of the shrimp ring fishing, and offered again with the option of believing it or not, and so on again and again, each video becoming more and more ridiculous.



On the other hand, if the viewers chose not to believe (or got to the end in the "I believe it" path), they were revealed with the truth.